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Shotley - a Suffolk estuary walk

The Suffolk coast is sliced by a series of large estuaries, the main towns a largely at narrow crossing point miles from the coast and the main south-north road, the A12, further inland. So a coast road isn't possible and each broad finger of land between the estuaries seems to have its own character. The Shotley peninsula is between the estuaries of the River Orwell and River Stour, a area of undulating farmland, small secret valleys and hidden villages. Today it is quiet and off the beaten track. detail of Philips Suffolk Map 1895 A walk from Shotley Gate, along the Orwell and Stour estuaries via Shotley and Erwarton (6.8 miles) Sunday 30 December 2018 Weather: mild, 9˚C, still and misty Park at Shotley Gate near the Bristol Arms pub. (please click on the photos to enlarge them) From Shotley Gate you can see across the merged Orwell and Stour estuaries to the ferry port of Harwich to the south and the vast cranes of the international container-ship port